As a light gambler, I normally stick to the “classic” versions of games when it come to Blackjack and Craps, but there are always exceptions to the rule. I recently discovered a fun variant that I enjoy, Double Attack Blackjack, which I did a write up on here. Today I’m here to write about another popular variant, Blackjack Switch, and run down where you can find the game to play in Atlantic City.

Here’s What a Blackjack Switch Table Looks like

How to Play

I won’t go into too much detail on how to play Blackjack Switch, as you can find a more in-depth guide here. In short, the game plays just like normal Blackjack, with the key exception being that you are dealt two hands instead of 1. Once dealt, the player has the option of switching the second card dealt to each hand. This gives you the feeling of having a little more control over the outcome of the game. Another key difference is that a dealer of total 22 will result in a push rather than a win for the player.

Where to Play Blackjack Switch in Atlantic City

Blackjack Switch was originally introduced to Atlantic City in 2009, but there are a variety of casinos that currently offer this variant. The full list can be found below:

I have not been to the Borgata since the Pandemic, but I’ll have to see if they’re currently offering this the next time I’m in town.

Blackjack Switch Minimums in Atlantic City

These minimums will have undoubtedly change with the onset of COVID-19, but during my last visit I saw the table minimums for this game range from $10-$25, with the higher minimums being found at Caesar’s and the cheapest tables being found at Harrah’s.

When traveling, one of the largest expenses you’ll run into is accommodations. Most commonly, travelers take to discount hotel sites like or Groupon hoping to nab a decently nightly rate. Unlike other hotels in the world, however, casinos have a vested interest in getting you through the door. Thus, getting free nights is the holy grail of places like Atlantic City. The only question left is: How do you get free nights? Here are the options available to you.

Earn free stays in AC

1. Use Reward Sites and Save Up For Free Nights

If you’re not spending enough money to earn casino comps or don’t want to spend the time on MyVegas, this is your best option for free nights in Atlantic City. These are mostly shopping portals that will give you a percentage of cash back for things you are buying anyway. Picking up a video game on eBay? Earn some points. Starting a new home improvement project at Lowe’s? Earn some points! It will take time, but if you’re spending the money anyway, why not get some free nights out of the deal? Here are my personal favorites that I use on a regular basis (NOTE: These are referral links, so I will earn a small commission if you sign up. Help us keep the lights on!)

  1. Rakuten (Formerly Ebates)When making an online purchase through Rakuten, you’ll earn cash back in the range of 1-5%. Don’t expect to get rich quick, but there are hundreds of stores to shop through.
  2. MyPoints Mypoints is a great alternative to Rakuten as you can earn points without spending any money! Surveys, e-mails, watching ads, etc. can all help you build a high enough balance to redeem for free hotel stays. They have an elaborate shopping portal as well.

2. Gamble Enough Money

This is the tried and true method of getting free nights at any casino, and Atlantic City is no exception. The math here gets fuzzy, especially when it comes to table games. Casinos try to nail you down as a high roller vs. low roller, what types of bets you make, etc. The pit boss is there to keep an eye on the players and what they’re spending. If you spend enough at a quick enough pace, free nights are sure to follow.

The obvious downside is that you’re spending the money anyway. Casinos aren’t going to hand out free nights in Atlantic City that easily. Being a new player is normally your best shot, as casinos will want to try and entice you to come back a time or two. If you don’t spend enough, however, those offers will dry up. Comps can be a bit of a mystery, as no one really knows what algorithm the casinos use to dole out freebies. You can bet that you’ll be spending more than the average nightly rate to earn them, however.

3. Use MyVegas To Earn Free Nights

If you haven’t heard of the app “MyVegas,” be sure to check out our full guide here. Basically, it’s a set of casino apps that allows you to play for free and earn loyalty points over time. If you have enough points, you can get all sorts of freebies at my favorite casino: The Borgata.

Beyond discounts on food and free drinks, MyVegas allows you to earn free nights in Atlantic City as well. These rewards are awesome, but they do have limitations. Most notably, they’re almost always for weeknight stays only, so don’t expect a Saturday in the Summer to open up. They also require a fairly high number of loyalty points to redeem as well. Looking past those drawbacks, however, you’re getting a great value.