Renting an Atlantic City Jitney: Our Green Bus Experience

We brainstormed quite a few ideas for my 40th birthday, and we were coming up short until the idea of renting out a Jitney from Atlantic City came up. Now that we live in Cape May, we’ve gotten used to the little busses shuttling around town, particularly during the Summer season when they have free shuttles to various points. It seemed like the right amount of accessibility and fun. Our local relatives and friends could all come down, wouldn’t need a designated driver, and the jitney could safely drop us off at home at the end of the night. Here’s how our experience went.

Jitney Rental Process

I’ll be honest with you – as an introvert, I don’t like talking to people on the phone. Stupid, I know, but it’s a quirk of mine. So I was a little disappointed that the rental rates weren’t available on the official site. Not very surprising of course, considering they need just a few details before they can provide a quote. We called and spoke to a very nice salesperson, explained our needs (Chosen stops, mostly breweries, and total ride time) and they came back with a reasonable quote of $500. They sent us the paperwork, we got it back to them, and voila! Our own private shuttle service for a day.

AC Jitney Rental
A Little Lighthouse Humor From the Trip

Our Day With The Jitney

A Picture From One of Our Stops – Slacktide Brewing

Our total time with the Jitney rental was 5 hours (2pm-7pm), and the driver, Carlos, arrived right on time. He was very friendly, asked what we needed, and was always ready to assist my father, who has some mobility issues and needs a small scooter to get around. He loaded the scooter on and off the Jitney without complaint, and was very pleasant the entire time. We opted not to bring any alcohol on board as we had plenty to choose from at our stops and could use the break, but it is allowed. We spent about 45 minutes at each stop. By the end of the trip, we had a nice buzz and good vibes. Carlos dropped us off back at home, we provided a nice tip, and there were really no surprises at all with the whole process.

Thoughts on our Atlantic City Jitney Rental Review

While I would have preferred that we could book the jitney rental online without the hassle of needing to contact someone by phone, I’m sure much of that is just personal preference. We had a great time. If you need a driver for a day to take you around Atlantic City or the surrounding beach towns, I highly recommend getting a rental. Don’t forget to hitch a ride to your free night at the Borgata afterwards.