Blackjack Minimums in Atlantic City

Blackjack is a game that’s tough to find on the cheap. It’s incredibly popular, and people seem willing to play it at higher minimums because it has a relatively low advantage for the casino. That said, there are still some low minimum blackjack tables to find in Atlantic City. Here’s what to expect.

Weekday Blackjack Minimums in Atlantic City

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BorgataResortsTropicanaCaesar'sOcean Resort
Harrah'sGolden NuggetBally'sWild Wild WestHard Rock

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship when it comes to weekday night stays. On one hand, I enjoy the cheaper accommodations, and the table minimums tend to be much lower. On the other, you don’t get the same amount of excitement and energy that you’ll see in a casino on the weekend. This is especially true if you’re playing a more social game like Craps, which you can check out here.

Weekend Blackjack Minimums in Atlantic City

BorgataResortsTropicanaCaesar'sOcean Resort
Harrah'sGolden NuggetBally'sWild Wild WestHard Rock

Weekend stays will demand a premium in AC, and there’s no way around that. Still, if you have credit card points to burn on a hotel and enjoy the hustle and bustle of a lively crowd, it might be worth the higher minimums at the tables.

*You’ll notice that the Borgata is suspiciously cheap for a casino that’s known to be one of the high-end properties in AC. If you are thinking that there’s a catch coming, you’re absolutely right. There is always ONE Blackjack table that runs at a $5 per hand minimum. During the week, you have a decent shot of getting to the table, but on the weekends, well…you better get there early. I’ve tried hanging around waiting for a spot a few times during a weekend stay, and each time I gave up. Once people park there during primetime, they’re going to be awhile, and at $5 a hand, they can likely afford the stay. This table does offer 3:2 Blackjack, however, which is a nice perk (You can find out why this helps here).

Note that I try to keep the payout tables listed here updated with the best information I can get, but I’m certainly not perfect. Head over to the Contact Us page if you stop by AC and notice anything different than what I have on display.